This man sells fresh air and you are still there screaming no job

Updated Sunday 17 December 2017 4:20
This man sells fresh air and you are still there screaming no job
Remember the primary definition of entrepreneurship? Taking advantage of the needs to make some money. China as an industrial country cannot boast of fresh air in some cities, and a man has decided to bottle fresh air and sell to some rich elites. He has already made £16,000 selling bottles of fresh-air to China for a breath-taking £80 a bottle. The air comes from Britain.

The man is British, named Leo De Watts, aged 27. The smog-plagued elite in Beijing and Shanghai have already snapped up early 200 of his 580ml decanters of British air in just a few weeks. That's a huge turn over.

His company is called Aethaer, which is from the ancient Greek word for pure fresh air.

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Article Posted 10 Months ago

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