WhatsApp Will Allow Brands To Talk To Users Directly

Updated Sunday 15 April 2018 21:20
WhatsApp Will Allow Brands To Talk To Users Directly
Rummors in the technology world have it that WhatsApp is developing a feature that would allow large brands and businesses to contact users of the popular instant messaging (IM) app, sources told Ubergizmo. The Facebook-owned company is said to be developing several tools that would allow this functionality, but the report contains no specific details on the matter.

WhatsApp has allegedly been working on an enterprise variant of its app that businesses would pay to access so it’s possible that the ability to contact consumers would be a part of that offering. 

It is understood that WhatsApp is planning to monetize this platform using a relatively traditional business model as the IM service is planning to charge businesses to contact customers through their app. 

Brands have been able to contact customers directly using popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for some time now, but if WhatsApp is now truly developing a similar feature, such a move may signal that the IM service is now finally looking to do a more efficient job at monetizing its offerings.

In related news, WhatsApp recently started modernizing its offerings as the company stopped supporting older versions of the Android operating system and introduced a number of new features to its IM app.

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