5 Things You Should Know About The Mobile Phone Market Today

Updated Tuesday 17 April 2018 1:20
5 Things You Should Know About The Mobile Phone Market Today
The mobile phone market is a multi-billion dollar industry the world over and alot of improvements an unexpected/expected changes and stories continueto come out of the mobile phone market.

Here are some facts that we have prepared for you coming out of the global mobile phone market:

1.China is the world's biggest mobile phone market.

Chinese smartphone vendors are now among the largest in the world, thanks mainly to the size of the home market. Huawei, Oppo and BBK are in the global top five, after Samsung and Apple, and together hold a 21% market share. 

2. Apple makes the biggest profits in the mobile phone market

When it comes to profitability, Apple – which doesn’t offer cheap devices – remains the undisputed leader, as it has been for years. Market researchers estimate that more than 90% of the profit in the smartphone sector goes to Apple. Chinese vendors are often satisfied with narrow margins and some don’t even make it out of the red. 

3. 1.5 billion smartphones were bought in one year 

Though various IT market research estimates may differ, however, global mobile phone sales aroun the world in 2016 was put at around 1.5 billion smartphones. This marks an increase of between 2% and 5% on the previous years. Quite alot if you ask.

4. Android has the widest reach

When it comes to smartphone operating systems, Google’s Android software dominates with a market share of over 80%. The remainder is largely taken by Apple’s iOS – other operating systems such as Windows Phone or Blackberry OS are practically at 0%.

5. About 7.4 billion phone connections 

Last year around 7.4 billion phone connections were made worldwide, according to expert estimates. By the year 2020 that number will be almost 8.4 billion, IT market researcher Gartner predicts.

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