Let's Look At The New Nokia 3310 Again

Updated Tuesday 17 April 2018 16:20
As to the original 3310’s known capability of managing to last for a week on standby, the new 3310 stretches that out to an entire month.

While users may not be able to personalize the plastic casing by changing it like with the old 3310, users of the new 3310 can at least choose from four different colors.

One of the most iconic devices from Nokia has gotten a modern twist. But more than that, it’s also bringing back a classic from the annals of mobile gaming.

This new Nokia 3310 comes with the classic ‘Snake’ game.

The new Nokia 3310 has been priced at €49 (roughly N26,600) and would make for a good device for budget-conscious individuals or those looking for a reliable back-up phone.

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