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There are many, many fantastic places to visit all around the globe. Some destinations are more coveted than others; some are known tourist traps while others are underrated escapes. Heading to new places allows us to escape the mundane of our everyday lives, discover new cultures and learn more about the world we inhabit. You could pick just about anywhere on the globe and find an exciting locale.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful Cities to spend your vacation as you would never forget the experience:

10. Paris

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Much like New York, Paris has become a destination for many travelers. With a long history and an influential role in the shaping of both Europe and the New World, Paris has also earned a reputation as a city of romance; helped by the city's quaint café culture, the French love of pastries, wine and chocolate and images of the iconic Eiffel Tower lit up in night. Adding to Paris's appeal is the number of royal castles and lavish cathedrals, many dating from the Middle Ages, that offer history buffs, architecture enthusiasts and even the average tourist an exciting sight-seeing adventure.

But all of that has culminated in Paris becoming one of the world's most expensive tourist destinations. Banking on its reputation as being lavish and romantic, Paris hotels tend to go all out - which means that they also come with a hefty price tag. Some historical residences, including palaces, have been converted to hotels. One hotel charges around $26,000 for the privilege of staying just one night with them. Step outside your hotel though and you'll see the other side of Paris: dirty streets, aggressive street sellers and homeless beggars that will make you question how you spend your money.


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