Body of Sheila Abdus-Salaam, First U.S. Female Muslim Judge Found in Hudson River

Updated Thursday 13 April 2017 15:1
Body of Sheila Abdus-Salaam, First U.S. Female Muslim Judge Found in Hudson River
A report by the New York Post has stated that the body of Abdus-Salaam the first female Muslim judge in the United States has been discovered in the hudson river by witnesses who called 911. Abdus-Salaam, who was an associate judge on the Court of Appeals, had been reported missing from her Harlem home earlier Wednesday.

Abdus-Salaam was not only the first female Muslim judge in the county; she was also the first black woman to be appointed to the Court of Appeals. She graduated from Columbia Law School and started her career as a staff attorney at East Brooklyn Legal Services and was elected to the Supreme Court in 1993. In 2013, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed her to the Court of Appeals in 2013.

Jonathan Lippman, chief judge of the state Court of Appeals from 2009-2015 during part of Abdus-Salaam’s tenure, told the Post how “deeply saddened” he was at the news of her death, saying that she was a “superb jurist and an even more superb human being.”

“It’s just so shocking,” he told the Post. “She was a very genteel, lovely lady and judge If you ask anyone about her, people would say only the most wonderful things. That’s why it makes it even more difficult to understand.”


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