PH based pastor marries 3rd wife

Updated Tuesday 25 April 2017 13:3
PH based pastor marries 3rd wife
A popular man of God based in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, Apostle Ernest Agortey, has come under severe fire from Nigerians after he recently got married to a third wife.

According to online reports, the Ghana-born Pastor Agortey who is the founder of Alabaster House Assembly located in Rumuomoi, Port Harcourt, became a hot topic when he got married to the woman who is from Edo State.

According to Facebook user Tracynither Nicolas who shared the story said the pastor who is known fro his flashy lifestyle, had often narrated the reasons behind his failed marriages and why he would not stop getting married till he gets the right woman.

"The flamboyant Apostle who loves to make a statement with his lifestyle, especially his dressing and cars, revealed in an interview that his first wife, the woman who reportedly started the hustle with him, was caught sleeping with his mentor.

After his first marriage failed, Apostle Agortey then married a second wife, who is of Igbo descent and they have a daughter together.

The second wife allegedly carted away with all the Apostle’s valuables without his knowledge when she was leaving him.

The Facebook-loving Apostle couldn’t remain lonely, obviously, so he had to go all the way to Edo State to pick a third wife whom he has been constantly showing off on his Facebook page."



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