Pep Guardiola has no complaints - Mourinho

Updated Friday 28 April 2017 10:27
Pep Guardiola has no complaints - Mourinho
Pep Guardiola had no complaints about the tactics of Manchester United after his team were held to a 0-0 draw at the Etihad.

City dominated for large spells of the game but were unable to force a winner, as Mourinho’s team defended in numbers and looked to hit the hosts on the counter.
He said: “I’m pretty sure United came here to try to win the game. I think I never met one team, one opponent, one player who start to play a game thinking we’re not going to win the game.
“We have tried to monopolise the ball, a little bit Latin style. We played to win the game, we were not able. It’s one point and the big fight will be on until the Watford game.
“I’m not here to judge what my opponents want to do, it would not be respectful.
“We made absolutely everything, not just in the last few minutes of 10 v 11. We tried but it was not enough again.”

United midfielder Fellaini was dismissed six minutes from the end of a frantic goalless draw against Manchester City after spectacularly losing his composure.
The Belgian was booked for tripping Aguero and then committed the same offence less than a minute later. Frustration then got the better of him as he headbutted Aguero and referee Martin Atkinson showed a straight red card.
United boss Mourinho said: “I don’t know because I didn’t watch. I have just three details.

Mourinho added of the sending off in his post-match interview on Sky Sports 1: ”I didn’t watch but probably I can guess it’s a bit of a red card and that it’s a bit of a very experienced, smart Argentinian player.”
Opposite number Guardiola, who has a long-standing rivalry with Mourinho, refused to get drawn into a war of words with his old adversary.

The City manager said: “Next question. I’m not going to talk at my press conference about an action that was in the last minutes — it did nothing to change the game — so nothing.
“In that situation, don’t talk to me, speak with (Premier League referees’ chief) Mike Riley or the referees. The decision is the referee’s, not mine. I don’t want to talk about the referees — they take the decision, speak with them.
“I didn’t see the action on TV and I was far away.”

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