2019 Election: America Based Nigerian Set To Declare Intentions

Updated Sunday 4 June 2017 1:0
2019 Election: America Based Nigerian Set To Declare Intentions
According to him, Nigeria is one; from the beauty of the North, to the magnificence of the South, to the wonders of the West, united we will remain, as an example for many, for Africa, for the world.”

In a statement Emejuru signed on Friday, described some of the challenges facing Nigeria as a nation as ‘deep’.

“Today, in Nigeria, there are many challenges that we face, and I tell you they are deep. We have a mountain to climb (Power, Health, Education, Finance, Labor, etc.), but the vision that has risen from this difficult journey will not end in vain but I believe will be overlooked at the glorious view from the mountain top.”

The Nigerian America based said: “having traveled from the United States of America to the federal republic of Nigeria, I have witnessed two sides of the spectrum. Held in both is a belief that a democracy should continuously be discovered and aspired to.

“To the west of the Atlantic, you see wonder manifested in a constitution graced by pioneers with adherence to country and the rule of law. And to the east, a young burgeoning giant of aspirations and thought, still wrestling with what value we hold as a democracy.”

While calling on Nigerians especially to read more about him and his aspiration on his websitewww.chrisemejuru.com, he assured that by the end of the month his intentions will be made known.

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