New Lesotho PM, Tom Thabane's Wife Has Been Assasinated

Updated Thursday 15 June 2017 8:40
New Lesotho PM, Tom Thabane's Wife Has Been Assasinated
The wife of Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane has been assasinated just hours after her husband's inauguration, creating a wave of fear and terror of another political violence in the southern African mountain kingdom.

Police spokesperson Clifford Molefe says Lipolelo Thabane, 58, was travelling home with a friend when both women where shot by an unknown assailant in the town of Masana, just outside the capital, Maseru.

Molefe says Lipolelo died on the scene while her friend was taken to a nearby hospital. Molefe says the motive of the shooting is unknown and investigations are ongoing.

Lesotho, which has been on a political knife-edge since an attempted coup in 2014, held elections last week, the third in five years.

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Article Posted 1 Year ago

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