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Updated Thursday 15 June 2017 10:36
2019 elections, Enugu PDP and return of Ebeano  -  Politics  -  Nigeria News, Headlines and Opinions  -  The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper
Although the former governor has declined to respond to inquiries on why he took the decision to return to a party he abandoned in 2011 for the People for Democratic Change (PDC), his return is already eliciting reactions from within the PDP, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as well as non-politicians.

For instance, a chieftain of APGA, Jude Uwaoma said, “Former governor Nnamani is not new in the politics of the state. He is also not new in the politics of the PDP. He met his political fortunes being a member of the PDP and if he has decided to retrace his steps, I see it as a healthy development. You must bear in mind that in all these years, he has kept his political family, ‘Ebeano’ intact.”

He said he was however worried that with the conflict of leadership in the party, “it will be a big blow on his political career should the PDP be consumed in the crisis and he will now start running around to look for another political party to join. I would have asked him to tarry awhile and watch the events in the party unfold. He could make his decisions known after this.”

Former National Auditor of the PDP, Raymond Nnaji, a lawyer, said that Nnamani has returned to his “rightful party,” stressing that the Enugu East Senatorial zone is now formidable and complete and ready to do battle with any political party in 2019.

He said, “Nnamani’s return is the tonic that PDP requires to win elections in Enugu State. He has returned to the party, which he helped to institutionalize in the state. He actually returned to the PDP a long time, but we decided to make it a secret. Sullivan Chime, the immediate past governor, realized that Nnamani had returned and decided to quit the PDP. This is because; he cannot face Nnamani in the party.”

Nnamani seems to be enjoying the interest being shown by people of the state over his decision and while speaking through his Media Adviser, Dan Nwomeh, he had said he was appreciative of the huge interest of the people of the state in his current political affiliation.

He however said politics is far from his mind for now as he is in his village, Agbani, awaiting recuperation for him to plan his next move.Nnamani’s return to the PDP has again raised the ante. This is because while there is excitement in the party, especially in his Enugu East Senatorial zone, the APC members on the other hand appear to be losing sleep despite the presence of big names in the state that had made PDP strong in the past joining its fold.

In the last few months, the APC in Enugu has captured from the PDP, former governor of Old Anambra State, Jim Nwobodo, ex-Senate President Ken Nnamani, ex-Speaker Eugene Odoh, versatile politician, Gbazuagu Nweke Gbazuagu, former Military Administrator, Joe Orji and Chime. They moved into the party with their supporters.

Propelled by their presence, the APC had served the “quit” order on the incumbent PDP government to prepare to vacate office in 2019, saying the party which has maintained an unbroken political dominance since 1999 was no more. Their expectations however appeared to have been challenged by the return of Nnamani as the APC would have to return to the drawing board to rework the political calculations.

State Chairman of APC, Ben Nwoye said, “I think it is part of the freedom to exercise his right, but he has continued in the path of mistake; a path of mistake when he founded a one-man party, (PDC) and that mistake took him out of the senate seat.

“And now, when everyone is sounding the alarm warning that PDP is gone, is decimated, at least in Enugu State, he is ‎taking the other path. So where people are coming out from is where he is rushing into. I say it is his political decision but it is absolutely no threat.

“If the former governor wants to go on and join a political party clearly not in existence, it is his own business, but again our doors are widely open if he changes his mind.”

- The Guardian

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