Saraki not free yet, quit notice on Igbos a warning sign - Primate Ayodele

Updated Monday 19 June 2017 11:1
Saraki not free yet, quit notice on Igbos a warning sign  -  Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele also advised the Federal Government about the quit notice given to Igbo, saying: “The quit notice handed out to our Igbo brothers and sisters in the north is a strong indication that Nigeria is nearing a breaking point. It is only God that can save us from the imminent break-up and even destabilisation.

“I advise that the government should manage the issue very well so we don’t experience critical ethnic crisis again.”

On the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) acquittal of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, The General Overseer of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele Babatunde, says it does not mean he is entirely off the hook of his political persecutors.

Primate Ayodele had in July 2015, warned that Saraki would face scandals in form of political persecution.

Back in July 2015, he said: “Saraki will be enmeshed in some kind of scandal for political reasons,” but also warned, “It will be difficult to remove Saraki.”

At the weekend, Ayodele said: “There would still be friction between the senators and the presidency. We must also pray against the death of a member of the National Assembly. We should pray that Nigerians would not cry.

“We have been saying since 2015 that corruption will fight back the government of President Mohammadu Buhari. We had also predicted in the yearly book of prophecy that a notorious kidnap kingpin would be arrested. That is contained in the 2016/2017 edition of the Warnings to the Nation.

“The London blaze was also predicted in the same edition of the book of prophecies. The spirit of God had led me to foresee a strange fire that will engulf a London tower, and we had issued the warning that the UK should pray against the incident.

“We had warned Governor Yaya Bello that there would be serious attempt to rubbish his government. Now God is telling the governor to tread softly on the tango between himself and Senator Dino Melaye”.

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