Fake Pastor Caught While Trying to Bury a Pot of Charms Inside a Compound in Anambra State (Photos)

Updated Wednesday 28 June 2017 10:46
Fake Pastor Caught While Trying to Bury a Pot of Charms Inside a Compound in Anambra State (Photos)
A Facebook user identified as Uzochukwu Onuabuchi has taken to the social networking platform to share photos and the story of how a fake man of God identified as Pastor Osinachi Christopher from Abia state, was caught while trying to bury a pot of charms inside a compound in the Ifite Nnobi area of Anambra State.

Here's how the story was narrated on social media;

"Wonders shall never end, this is pastor Osinachi Christopher from Isuochi Abia state. He was caught this evening with a pot of charm, he wanted to bury at someone's compound. which they will later bring out in the name of liberating the family. He even confess that he was working with one Pastor miracle ihuoma.

"He even confessed that this fake Pastor miracle buried a pot of charm, in front of one shop that belongs to one woman that happens to be a wife to one makosa. The fake Pastor miracle later told the woman, that it was the former Pastor ebubedike that buried the charm. The fake Pastor just used this trick to chase the former Pastor ebubedike away. Ebubedike that God has been using mightly to do wonders there in Nnobi.

"Well one thing I know in this life is that nothing is hidden under the sun. God has finally exposed the fake Pastor miracle ihuoma, that has ministry at makosas compound, in ifite Nnobi Anambra state. Hmmm my people beware of fake Pastors. like this fake Pastor osinachi on the photo and Pastor miracle ihuoma. Nawaoooo."

fake pastor

fake pastor 2

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