Serious Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen: Save Al-jroba Farm, Save 4700 Yemenis

Updated Friday 30 June 2017 9:11
Serious Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen: Save Al-jroba Farm, Save 4700 Yemenis

Due to the continuation of conflict and siege, the country of Yemen is going through difficult circumstances, which has affected the economic and social situation of all levels of citizens.

In general, the war affected the economic, educational, health and cultural levels of all members of society. As we know that the first effect of these wars and conflicts is the scarcity and high prices of oil derivatives.
As Yemen is a developing country and most of its inhabitants are a low-income, low-income class that suffers from cutting-off sources of income as a result of continued war, the high prices of oil derivatives, the lack of water, cutting off services, and the spread of diseases have increased more the suffering of citizens in society.

One of these affected areas, the governorate of Hodeidah, whose inhabitants are known for their simplicity and the lack of sources of their income. Especially, Al-jroba Village, which is located in Bait Al-faqih in Hodeidah Governorate.

Residents of this region face difficulty in obtaining basic resources, including water, which is a vital source of life, and face the spread of cholera, which threatens their lives.

As a result of the lack of water, they go to Al-jroba Farm, carrying empty bottles with them to be filled directly with water from the wells of the farm without sterilization, which led to the spread of deadly cholera. Also, due to the lack and high prices of oil derivatives, the farm is threatened with a halt as a result of the cessation of all its pumps, all of which work with diesel.

As a result, life stops on the farm in particular and in the village in general. This will increase directly the suffering of 3900 villagers, 400 farmers and 400 workers on the farm and increase unemployment and poverty, which constitute a major burden in our society, among households benefiting from farm services.

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