Sheriff Moves Out Of Wadata House, Congratulates Makarfi

Updated Friday 14 July 2017 10:5
Sheriff Moves Out Of Wadata House, Congratulates Makarfi

This is just as the leadership of the party under, Sen Ahmed Makarfi will next week resume full operations at national secretariat of the party.

Sheriff had taken over Wadata plaza last February, after the Court of Appeal in Portharcourt, Rivers State, recognized him as the national chairman of the party.

But yesterday, one of Sheriff’s aides, popularly called Usman, led four of his other personal staff to move his belongings from the premises at 1:30pm it was reported.

Meanwhile, Sheriff in a series of tweets yesterday congratulated Makarfi over the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment.

In a congratulatory message on his twitter handle @SenAliSheriff, Sheriff said, “The Supreme Court has spoken. I congratulate Senator Makarfi. We must all put our hands together to channel a new course for the PDP. Moving forward, we must embrace true reconciliation, so as to be united as a formidable option to send the APC packing in 2019.

“This is the time to build the PDP and to focus on the future, which include reclaiming power from the APC.”

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