Usher's insurance policy will not cover herpes lawsuit

Updated Wednesday 9 August 2017 11:37
Usher's insurance policy will not cover herpes lawsuit
Amerian based singer, Usher has remained silent over the matter since the first lawsuit was filed last month.

Usher's insurance policy will not cover him if he loses a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by a woman accusing the R&B star of exposing her to genital herpes.

A female, identified in Georgia court papers as Jane Doe, launched legal action against the singer last month (Jul17), claiming she contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) following a reported fling with the father-of-two.

She recently tested positive for herpes, prompting her to double her original $10 million (£7.7 million) demand for punitive damages, and she is also seeking another $20 million for emotional harm and medical bills.

Usher's legal woes worsened on Monday (07Aug17), when three other people, including one man, made similar allegations against the musician. Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is suing the star on their behalf in California.

Representatives for the Yeah! hitmaker have yet to address the scandals, but officials at New York Marine and General Insurance Company, the firm which Usher holds a coverage policy with, have made it clear they will not be liable to pay for any damages should the singer be found responsible for exposing the plaintiffs to STDs.

A company lawyer filed paperwork in Georgia in response to the first suit, highlighting a clause in their contract which excludes coverage for "bodily injury... arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by (Usher)," reports

Insurance bosses have also taken issue with reports suggesting Usher settled a prior case with another woman he allegedly infected in 2012. They claim he did not disclose information about the purported settlement when they took him on as a client last year (16).

New York Marine and General Insurance Company executives explain they will cover the costs of Usher's defence in the Georgia case, unless a judge decides they can be excused over the cited coverage clause. If that occurs, the superstar, who has been married to his manager Grace Miguel since 2015, will be expected to pay back the funds spent on his defence.

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