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Updated Tuesday 28 August 2018 17:20
Submit Content to DoroTV for Publication (#free)
Submit news, eye-witness accounts, articles, literary & reviews, music, videos, announcements and adverts on Doro TV.
Arguably one of the largest #content Websites in SE Nigeria.

{You may include a short bio of you/ your firm. There is a "dofollow" on most links}
All posts are manually approved immediately to up to 24 hours - max, depending on whether submissions were made during office hours.

Corrections might be made on submissions before they appear on site.

(DoroTV and a host of other sites including many of the sites we build for clients are built with our own Content Management System - - - OH Yes! We developed our own software. - - - though we still implement wordpress, drupal, phpBB and tons of other sites if they so desire or if there is ever a need to do so.)

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