Jonathan Disregards Reps’ Invitation Over $1.1bn Malabu Oil Scandal

Updated Thursday 24 August 2017 9:8
Jonathan Disregards Reps’ Invitation Over $1.1bn Malabu Oil Scandal
Former President Goodluck Jonathan is yet to respond to an invitation by the House of Representatives, over the controversial $1.1bn Malabu oil deal.

An ad hoc committee investigating the alleged diversion of the funds had invited Jonathan on July 5, after claiming it had evidence in the line of the investigations, which indicated that the former President had issues to clarify.

Chairman of the committee, Razak Atunwa, however revealed Jonathan ignored the invitation of the committee.

Atunwa said the committee wrote to the ex-President to either appear or respond to questions by submitting documents.

“Yes, we invited the former President already. The committee wrote him a letter, but he has not responded. He has not sent in any replies. We are still waiting for him,” he said.

Atunwa says a decision will be taken after September 19, if Jonathan refuses to respond.

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