Bride Applauded For Breastfeeding Her Baby During Wedding

Updated Monday 28 August 2017 8:21
Bride Applauded For Breastfeeding Her Baby During Wedding
A bride has been praised after she was photographed breastfeeding her baby during her wedding.

Danielly Katsue, 24, was pictured feeding three-month-old son Kauã as she exchanged her vows with partner Kale Rios, 26. 

Photographer Monica Carvalho captured "beautiful" moment during the ceremony in Cuiabá, Brazil.

She was initially concerned about what reaction the pictures would get as she shared them on social media.

"I was scared at first but I was pretty sure people would find it as beautiful as I did," Ms Carvalho, who runs a wedding photography company, she said.

"Fortunately the majority of people loved the images. Many said they were moved by the images, which is enough to know that I did a beautiful job."

Although some people criticised the couple, the photographer said she hoped the largely positive reaction to the pictures would make other mothers feel they could breastfeed anywhere and at any time.

Ms Katsue said she "loved our baby being present right at the moment" she married her husband, adding it made her son feel like part of the wedding

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