MUMBAI: Building collapses, Killing 7, others trapped

Updated Thursday 31 August 2017 9:33
MUMBAI: Building collapses, Killing 7, others trapped
A three-story building collapsed in a  working-class neighborhood of Mumbai on Thursday morning, authorities are scrambling to rescue survivors from the rubble building while reporting that 7 people were killed, and 15 have been rescued and sent to the hospital.

"We are still assessing how many people might have been trapped," Karandikar, a Mumbai police spokesperson said.

Thursday's collapse, however, comes after heavy rains and flooding in Mumbai this week have killed at least five people.

Authorities would not say if the incident is connected to the inclement weather.

South Asia has seen a historic amount of rain and flooding this month, the height of monsoon season.

More than 1,200 have been killed in India and Bangladesh and some 41 million have been affected, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Nepal has also been hit hard.

Thursday's collapse is the second significant one to hit the Indian financial hub this summer. More than a dozen people were killed when a five-story building collapsed in the Ghatkopar neighborhood in July.

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