Popular singer, General Prince Adekunle is dead

Updated Monday 4 September 2017 13:11
Popular singer, General Prince Adekunle is dead

Popular ‘Juju’ musician, Adeyinka Adekunle, otherwise known as General Prince Adekunle is dead.

A cousin of the deceased, Femi Adekunle, told newsmen that Prince Adekunle died at the age of 74 after spending about three weeks at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta over the weekend.

Late Prince Adekunle was a Nigerian Jùjú musician of Egba origin, from Abeokuta in Ogun State.

The late singer was born on October 22, 1942 but he made waves in the 60s and 70s.

He reportedly trained other popular musicians such as Sir Shina Peters and Segun Adewale.

Meantime, veteran actor, Kasimu Yero has died ‎Kaduna yesterday, at the age of 70.


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Article Posted 9 Months ago

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