You & I Never Getting Closer (Mashup) - The Chiansmokers ft Justin Bieber,Harry Styles,Zayn,Louis

Updated Friday 8 September 2017 16:32

"I just want to share how I feel about Love & also want to share my vision & thoughts about love mashup :)"

"Don't You Know Girl,We Ain't Never Getting Older,
You & I Never Getting Closer mashup "

Orginal Tracks - You & I - Sign Of The Times - I'm The One - Back To You - Her Song

Instrumentals used - Her Song - We Don't Talk Anymore - The Cure

 Artists - The Chiansmokers, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Zayn, Louis Tomlinson, Halsey , MGK, DJ Khaled, Bebe Rexha

I just own the mashup making credit :) 

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Video Posted 9 Months ago

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