Reactions arise from alleged Army's invasion of Nnamdi kanu's house

Updated Monday 11 September 2017 11:1
Reactions arise from alleged Army's invasion of Nnamdi kanu's house

While Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, claimed that IPOB members were killed during the alleged attack, the Nigerian army insisted that there was no attack and its officials were attacked by IPOB members while they were testing an armoured carrier.

Oladipupo Samson Olu wrote: "Federal Government should seek peaceful means to resolve the impasse with IPOB leader rather than military option as being done now, this would have a devastating effect on the entire populace in that region. The duty of the government is to protect the citizenry and desist from oppression on harmless group of people." 

Uche Peter Amadi wrote: "Who were they warning? What's the reason for being there in the first place? The last time in checked, there's no state of emergency in the State. Not even an election. So why are they there? For God's sake this is democracy and Buhari doesn't get it. It was his useless and baseless arrest that gave rise to the prominence of Nnamdi Kanu. He's always making dumb moves. Military action against your people is not a show of strength. Those amoured tanks would be better used in Sambisa."

Fowobi Olarewaju wrote: "Before the 2015 elections, there was a standby army tank in front of Tinubu's house and it didn't led to any conflict. Besides, there was news to all Nigerians that the Nigeria Army will be doing what is described as python smile in all part of the south eastern zone, to curtain criminality of all ramifications. Therefore, it is very wrong for any group to perceived the presence of the military to be a threat and attempt to arrest nnamdi kanu. If the Nigeria army was there to arrest kanu, I am very sure millions of Nigeria in the east cannot stop the military. Please lets be wise."

Henry Ahanotu writes: "Armoured cars should be in the barracks not roaming about in the peacefull Village. This is how they killed peacefull demonstrators in Aba high school and the church in Onitsha. They denied it even when there was video evidence. That's why they call them zoo army and police." 

Oduyebo Olusanmi Amos wrote: "Anybody can rant for all we care... Nobody is above the law, till date El-zazaky is still under lock and key for terrorising Kaduna. The rest is history. If you calling for referendum or peace talks not with violent agitation. Nigeria is still one entity until we all decided otherwise." 

Glorious Sain't wrote: "Nigeria is a country without a shame, The world is watching and listening to what is going on in Nigeria today, America Army and Israel Army guides their citizens and protect them, But Nigeria Army are perfectly strong in killing and intimidating their fellow citizens calling them names as bloody civilians and treat them like a slave, over their right."

Ajueyitse Martins Otuedon wrote: "Shiite leader,El Zakky is in detention for raising a sect against the Federal Government and former NSA,Sambo Dasuki is still in detention amid court rulings,yet Northerners are not shouting!what's the big deal then if FG tackles Nnamdi Kanu for flouting bail conditions and making himself security risk?" 

Mark Julius wrote: "People are saying that the Army should go and kill. Boko Haram and Let Nnamdi Kanu be. But what is the different. Boko Haram need Islamic State and Nnamdi Kanu needs Briafra. Boko Haram using knife and guns and Nnamdi Kanu Boys using curse and swear like amadioha and bad name hate speech. Na waooo"

Franklin Obinna wrote: "What wrong with this country.. Oh No. How can u bring armoured car to this environment to hit up the already heated situation. And why will a man in his senses throw stones on armed military officers. God will and certainly will vindicate his people."

Lateemo Babatunde wrote: IPOB has been known for dishing out lies which is catching up with them now.they have not showed us a single corpse not to talk of 5 corpses.they have not showed us the building that was attacked by NA,no bullet holes,we didn't see any vandalised cars and other vandalised items.go and ask fela family what it means when NA attack your building.

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