Two Killed As Soldiers, IPOB Members Clash In Rivers

Updated Wednesday 13 September 2017 15:51
Two Killed As Soldiers, IPOB Members Clash In Rivers

According to a source, the travelling IPOB members responded to the call made by their second-in-command, Uche Mefor, who they claimed called in from London, ordering them to move down to the residence of Nnamdi Kanu in Umuahia.

The source stated that in reaction to Mefor’s call, IPOB members mobilized and started protesting, with some of them attacking people they suspected were opposed to the Biafra struggle.

It was alleged that some IPOB members seized three rifles from Policemen and burnt a Police van at the junction of Oyigbo, forcing business and shop owners to lock up, as motorists and commuters scampered for safety.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of 6 Division, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Colonel Aminu Iliyasu, said no soldier was deployed to Oyigbo to stop IPOB members from travelling to Umuahia.

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Article Posted 9 Months ago

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