N1.64bn fraud: Ex-Taraba Gov. Nyame justifies extra-budgetary expenditure

Updated Thursday 12 October 2017 12:41
N1.64bn fraud: Ex-Taraba Gov. Nyame justifies extra-budgetary expenditure

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), slammed a 21-count charge on Nyame, bordering on misappropriation of Taraba funds to the tune of N1.64billion during his tenure as governor.

Nyame, who was cross examined by EFCC’s prosecutor, Mr Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), was responding to a question on whether he regarded spending state funds outside budgetary provision as prudent.
The prosecution served the former governor with exhibit 001, which was money budgeted for the Governor’s Office during his tenure in 2005.
The Governor’s Office made an excess expenditure of N982million.
In his response, Nyame said, “budgets are only estimates,’’ adding that he considered himself being prudent with state funds though he exceeded budgetary provisions “because I performed.’’
Jacobs also made available exhibit 002, being overhead cost for 2006 for the Governor’s Office.
The House of Assembly approved N40 million, while N713million was spent, with an excess expenditure of N673million.
When asked by Jacobs if he regarded that as being prudent too, Nyame replied, “My Lord, I was prudent and it could have been the House of Assembly that could have proved otherwise.’’

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