I was diagnosed of high blood cholesterol ' Minister

Updated Monday 16 October 2017 10:53
I was diagnosed of high blood cholesterol ' Minister
Mr Anwukah said he was diagnosed of high blood cholesterol before he asked for permission to travel to a Dallas hospital for treatment.

He said, “I went for a check-up and I was told I had high cholesterol. I then reported to my son, who is a doctor in the United States. It was my state governor, Rochas Okorocha, who got me the ticket. 

“I went to the Aso Rock and applied for my leave. It was granted and I left on September 18. I am back to work now. My trip was sponsored by my son and my governor. The government had no penny at all inside it.

“There was no support from the Federal Government. I did not ask for it. I only applied for my leave and left. Maybe now that I am back, I could ask.”



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Article Posted 10 Months ago

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