Police arrests Bobrisky in Lagos

Updated Wednesday 8 November 2017 15:25
Police arrests Bobrisky in Lagos
The internet was awash with reports that the self-acclaimed male barbie, Idris Okuneye, otherwise known as Bobrisky, was arrested on Tuesday by the Lagos State Police Command.

While the genuineness of the report still remains hazy and unconfirmed by 360nobs, it was gathered that his arrest might not be unconnected to a social media rant he had with entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, or his recent post in which he admitted to being gay.

It would be recalled, the cross-dresser, in a previous post on social media, admitted that he is gay, and that he is ready to go to hell. He had once denied being gay.

He had said: “All this house boys and girls coming to drop comment on page are you all stupid? Do you think your hate comments can change me? Why are you trying so hard to get my attention?”

“F**k off my page, and go and find something meaningful to do with your life. Just this morning I have mad up to 750,000 hustle still continue. You are here wasting your mb on someone else life style.”

“If all your insult bothered me, I should have stopped posting here. Yes am gay, I will go to hell fire. Thanks. Please what else? Am tired of that same words. I wanna hear something new. Cheers.”

He Added: “F*ck celebrity, f*ck fake friends, fuck haters. Live your life to please yourself not anybody. If u like have 1billion followers I careless about that. Micheal Jackson was d top world  celebrity den with so much followers.”

Meanwhile, LIB reports that a call was put through to Toyin Lawani, and her personal assistant, who replied the call, said; “please she has nothing to do with that. You people should stop linking her to it”.

Another close associate to Toyin Lawani confirmed her claim saying, ‘Toyin won’t stoop so low’.

When reached on phone by the media outfit, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Famous Cole, said “I’m not aware of such arrest at the moment. Maybe he was invited for questioning or he went voluntarily to make a complaint’.

However, a glimpse at the photo circulating on the internet shows Bobrisky without any footwear as he looks visibly distraught which clearly means he didn’t go there voluntarily.

A source however tells LIB that Bobrisky’s arrest may be connected to his social media post yesterday where he came out as ‘GAY’ – a criminal offence with a 14-year jail term in Lagos State.

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