"Lagos Nawa": Olamide releases new album tracklist

Updated Saturday 18 November 2017 11:15
"Lagos Nawa": Olamide releases new album tracklist
After weeks of teasers and high-fever anticipation, Olamide has finally released his seventh studio album.

Lagos Nawa: Wobe Sound is the rapper’s seventh album in seven years.

That’s is not even the most spectacular thing about the album. Remember Tupac, under the name Makaveli, recorded and perfected his The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album in seven days?

Well, it took the YBNL head honcho only two days to record the 17-track album produced entirely his go-to producer Young John except Shine, which he produced under the name Baddo Lo Shey Beat.

The album features only four artists – Tiwa Savage,  Reminisce, Timaya and of course Phyno.

And if you are expecting him to go hard on this album, you will be disappointed. You will have to contend with Olamide singing.

But there are Wo and Wo Spiritual to cushion the effect of that disappointment.

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