Wizkid welcomes his 3rd son with Jada Pallock, US based manager

Updated Monday 20 November 2017 12:22
Wizkid welcomes his 3rd son with Jada Pallock, US based manager
Nigerian multiple award winning pop star, Wizkid has welcomed his third son with his US based manager, Jada Pollock. According to reports, the baby was born two weeks ago in London.

“He got his manager pregnant earlier this year, Wiz and Jada got into a romantic affair months after they started working together. He’s a bit reckless but she really has it for him”.

The baby mama, Jada Pollock, is an entertainment veteran also known as Jada Styles. She’s the head of her consulting business firm. Pollock is responsible for the branding of many affluent and prominent football players for the U.K. The Daily Star and West London Living once referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru.

Jada transformed Wizkid’s branding, creating strategies for him to stay out of trouble and generally upgrading his star power.

Jada’s  baby becomes the third Wizkid son, coming after Boluwatife (2011), and Ayodeji (2016).

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