Davido and Dele Momodu reconciles at Ovation concert - 'We are a family'

Updated Monday 18 December 2017 11:50
Davido and Dele Momodu reconciles at Ovation concert - 'We are a family'
Dele Momodu and Davido Adeleke are at peace again. Moments ago, the Ovation Magazine publisher took to his Instagram to share photos from his Ovation concert where the FIA singer performed, adding that they have finally reconciled their differences.

“True reconciliation, great joy… God bless DAVIDO… God bless DR ADEDEJI ADELEKE for his uncommon maturity… God bless the MOMODU family for that simple heart,”  “We are a family.” The Publisher wrote on their Instagram page.

Recall that the family drama started in 2015, after Dele Momodu and his cousin Sophia(who is the mother of Davido’s daughter Imade) stopped the singer from jetting off with Imade.

Sophia accused Davido’s family of snatching her daughter and refusing her access to the child, while Davido alleged that they were taking the child to Dubai for medical checkup. He published a pathology report which claimed that the child contracted cannabis through breastmilk.

This allegation stirred major feud between both families as Sophia expressly denied the accusation and even demanded that Davido’s father, who is a medical doctor, should run tests on her.

The back-and-forth carried on for many months, as neither party was ready to let go of their grievances.

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