Protest in UK over President Buhari's re-election Bid - Presidency Reacts

Updated Wednesday 11 April 2018 9:13
Protest in UK over President Buhari's re-election Bid - Presidency Reacts
There was a protest staged in the UK because the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited just a day after declaring to run for a second term in office. The protest followed years of speculation if the president will contest for a second term in office. The presidency has however reacted to the protest, blaming it on some corrupt Nigerians.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, while commenting on the protest by a group of Nigerians outside the Nigeria House in London, affirms that the President will not be distracted from his mission in the UK.

“Esteemed Nigerians home and abroad, friends and business investors in Nigeria, should please see through the veil of the motive behind the Abuja House, Kensington London demonstration. It was an orchestrated act of desperation and a ploy to blackmail and hoodwink the President from concentrating on his anti corruption campaign , which is fast gaining grounds locally and internationally,”

“this unpatriotic act is not unconnected to the Federal government policies to name and shame corrupt citizens and looters; to collate database of Nigerians with homes in UK who are not paying the right taxes, and the hot drive to prosecute all financial defaulters through bilateral and multilateral means.”

“It is obvious that this is a clear cut incident of corruption fighting back. Many of the beneficiaries of corruption and slush funds cannot withstand another devastating blow of Buhari’s anti corruption sledge hammer. Hence, they are resolute to derail the apple cart in order to save their ugly faces and sit back to enjoy the loot in their personal banks. Some of the protesters are not even Nigerians but hired hatchet men paid to do the dirty job.“

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