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Qualities of a Wife Material - According to a Twitter User

Updated Wednesday 11 April 2018 9:41
Qualities of a Wife Material - According to a Twitter User

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A Twitter user who goes by the handle @abiudrn has dished out 7 tips to check before branding a lady a wife material. According to the Tweet, she mentioned Pride and Parties and Alcohol as things a girl must avoid to be seen as worthy of a wife.

On Nairaland, a popular forum, people reacted with lots of opinions. A user said "even the next person to comment will agree with me that they don't exist biko nu." 

Even a female discredited her claims, saying: "Stupid talk.undecided You should have said some, what do say to the girl that nags, awful cook, lazy atall times. there are many bad character that will discredit a girl from being a wife material though. I do all the aforementioned but I still have some bad characters.what will you say of that??"

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Article Posted 12 Days ago

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