Cee-C Shuts Tobi Down - Nigerians React, including Linda Ikeji

Updated Wednesday 18 April 2018 13:42
Cee-C Shuts Tobi Down - Nigerians React, including Linda Ikeji
Power they say intoxicates. In the BBNaija house, Cee-C has been made the head of house, and during a briefing, Tobi had requested to see the brief while she addressed the housemates. Cee-C quickly shut him down,saying he would have it when she is done. "Sit down," she said.

Popular Blogger, Linda Ikeji wrote: "Dear women, never talk to a man the way CeeC has spoken to Tobi today no matter how provoked you are. It's almost a sin! And of course, it goes both ways! #BBNaija"

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