Meet Winner of the Miss Imo State Queen International 2018 - Ohaegbulam Jennifer

Updated Wednesday 16 May 2018 8:33
Meet Winner of the Miss Imo State Queen International 2018 - Ohaegbulam Jennifer
The beauty pageant event, Miss Imo State Queen International 2018 was concluded last night and a winner emerged in the person of Miss Ohaegbulam Jennifer, an undergraduate Of Caritas University Enugu, from Imo state Nigeria.

Queen Jennifer who studies Political Science is known for her independent and hard-working nature, especially during her reign as a former beauty queen in a different contest. She was presented with a branded car and other gifts on the prestigious night of the ‎celebrated pageant grand finale.

While she prepares to unveil new photoshoots to introduce  herself officially to the beauty industry and also to kick start her projects, she did not fail to appreciate her parents, sponsors, friends and fans for their support and encouragement towards emerging as one of the winners of the 2018 Edition. The Indigene of Ohaji Egbema LGA of Imo state, further commended her new boss and the director of the pageant Mr Chris Ikoku, a veteran pageant producer and event manager in the south east Nigeria, ‎ for his transparency and guidance from the camp to the finals.

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