Former Taraba State Gov., Jolly Nyame Jailed For 14 Years

Updated Wednesday 30 May 2018 17:21
Former Taraba State Gov., Jolly Nyame Jailed For 14 Years
Jolly Nyame, Former Governor of Taraba State has been sentenced to 14 years imprison without fine after being convicted with a criminal breach of N1.6 billion fraud by the Economic and Finance Crime Commission (EFCC).

Nyame, whose tenure as the Governor of Taraba State lasted between 1999 to 2007, was acussed of criminally misappropriating while he governed the state.

The judge however, blamed Nyame for his act of recklessness and display of political powers without following due process.

Nyame was jailed 2 years for misappropriation of government funds, 7 years of receiving gratification and 5 years of obtaining valuable Government properties without consideration.

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Article Posted 2 Months ago

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