Photo: See incredible moment funeral workers realise 'dead' Ebola victim is alive

Updated Thursday 28 September 2017 0:20
Photo: See incredible moment funeral workers realise 'dead' Ebola victim is alive
This is the incredible moment a man thought to have died from Ebola was discovered to be still alive by funeral workers. The 37-year-old was lying in the middle of a street in Liberia's capital Monrovia when a team of workers began to wrap up his body. A reporter from ABC News was filming a piece to camera about the removal of the 'dead' man's body. As the funeral workers sprayed the man with disinfectant and began to wrap his body, they discovered he was still alive...see more photos below..

The reporter, Dr Richard Besser, was speaking to the camera and was left astonished by what he saw:
"He is not dead. They were wrapping him away but he is alive. He is moving his arm. They almost took him away to the crematorium and they noticed he was moving his arm."
The unnamed man had been dying from the virus for several days and it is claimed ambulance workers refused to treat him. After realising that he was still alive, many of the people in the street had to plead that he was taken to hospital.

An ambulance later came to the scene

And the man was taken to the hospital

Eventually, an ambulance was called to the scene earlier this week and the man was taken to hospital. His current state is not yet known.

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