What in the world can make you want to go die in Mars?

Updated Monday 22 January 2018 4:20
What in the world can make you want to go die in Mars?
What in the world can make you want to go die in Mars? 100 People Shortlisted to go on a one-way journey to Mars, according to a post from Daily Mail. These 100 people were picked from 200,000 people all over the world who applied for the Mars One mission. They've agreed to die there because there will not be a return journey from the red planet.

1/3 of those shortlisted are from United States and are from all walks of life. Among the array of science fanatics, Trekies, physics majors, engineers and doctors, there were also a few more surprising choices, including a singer who was doing a two-man show in New York at the time of his application for the program; an artist with a fascinating family connection to NASA; a mechanic from a remote part of Utah, and an aspiring novelist.

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