Is a child more of a product of marriage or love?

Updated Sunday 11 February 2018 9:20
Is a child more of a product of marriage or love?
This question came up after Brymo, a Nigerian musician, talked of plans to have a child outside wedlock, and defended it by saying that a child is a product of love, and not marriage. So I ask, Is a child more of a product of marriage or love?

Brymo Olawale has this to say:

"Because a child is a product of love not of marriage. Marriage was made for men to get assistance from women and vice-versa, but society has bastardised the concept. I would rather pay attention to loving the woman I am with than seek the approval of society about it.
Was the pregnancy planned?

I wouldn’t wait till I am over 30 to venture into fatherhood. So, yes you can say it was planned.

How long have you known your baby mama and when do you plan to marry her?

We’ve been together for at least three years. You’ll definitely know when we decide to get married.


Of all the ladies that have come your way, why did you choose to be with her?

It is the connection. You find someone and you flow with them. That’s something you don’t plan.

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