Baby accidentally burnt in Incubator abandoned by parents

Updated Tuesday 10 July 2018 21:20
Baby accidentally burnt in Incubator abandoned by parents
This baby is in need of help. He is currently in Moscow. Matvey suffered horrific injuries when an incubator malfunctioned and left him with 70% burns to his body. He suffered the burns aged just three days old when a medical lamp caught fire. Matvey's parents left him in the care of medics after seeing the burns he suffered and never came back.
Medical staff at the maternity hospital of Tula in Tula Oblast, Russia, provided urgent treatment in the days following the accident in November last year. "The baby doesn't give up. "He wants to live despite everything. "Not many adults would be able to endure the suffering he has. He suffers and hopes for our help.

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Article Posted 4 Months ago

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