Caitlyn Jenner takes her first award - ASHE award

Updated Thursday 16 July 2015 7:4
Caitlyn Jenner takes her first award - ASHE award
Caitlyn Jenner who is 65 has made her second major appearance since transitioning into a woman. She first appeared on an April tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer.  There were protests that she should not be given the award, but she went ahead to receive it, and did so in company of all her children including the Kardashians.

She got a standing ovation when she walked to receive her award.

"Wow, I have to talk after that? Thank you so much. It is so wonderful to be here tonight. The last few months have been a whirlwind of so many different experiences and emotions. But to tell you the truth, it seems like every time I turn around in life, I'm putting myself in these high-pressure situations—competing in the games, raising a family, but I've never felt more pressure than I have in my life than I have in the last couple of months. Picking out this outfit—OK girls, I get it," she said, which drew laughter from the crowd.

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