Safari Guides in Zimbabwe Attempt to Save Elephant in Quagmire

Updated Monday 13 August 2018 17:20
Safari Guides in Zimbabwe Attempt to Save Elephant in Quagmire
Pictures have emerged of Safari guides in Zimbabwe risking their own lives to mount a desperate battle to save a young elephant who was stuck up to his neck in mud for up to four days.
The small bull used his trunk as a snorkel as rescuers worked around the clock using a tractor, ropes and their bare hands to try and pull him out.
But after finally dragging him to dry land, days under the fierce African sun without water or food proved too much and the elephant had to be put down.
Ray Townsend, who works at the lodge, said: 'Time is as always crucial in these matters and he was stuck in the mud longer than we thought - three to four days with dehydration, no water, in the hot sun and slowly exhausting himself from trying to get out,' he added. 'In the end, putting him down was the kindest thing we could have done for him.
'Watching an animal die of thirst in the bush is not something we wanted to witness, or put him through. It was a sad situation, but we are glad that we made the effort we did.'

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