Why is she the prettiest bride in China?

Updated Wednesday 26 July 2017 20:20
Why is she the prettiest bride in China?

According to Chinese Media, a young nurse has been given the name 'prettiest bride' after administering CPR in her wedding dress trying to save a dying man. But the man died, unfortunately. According to People's Daily Online, 25-year-old Guo Yuanyuan was shooting her wedding photos on a beach in Dalian, north east China, on September 21 when she heard a man had drowned. 

Witnesses say that they spotted a man, who remains unidentified, in the sea who was waving and shouting for help around 10am on September 21. Several swimmers on the beach swam out and managed to the pull the man, who was already sinking, from the waters. Guo joined and tried to save the man's life. Her wedding dress, make-up and nails were ruined but witnesses applauded the nurse's determination.

Unfortunately, when the ambulance eventually arrived, paramedics found it was too late to save the man. He was confirmed to have died of heart attack. Guo's proud fiancé, named Xiao Liu, said: "She enjoys helping people normally and that's what I like about her." He also said she had run faster than him when the incident occurred.

Images of the nurse saving the man quickly spread across Chinese social media where she was given the title of the 'prettiest bride'. "At that time, I only remember that I was a nurse. My career's responsibilities are higher than that of a bride." Guo said.

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