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Updated Sunday 11 October 2015 21:12
Take a look at former photos and current photo of a transgender male. He was female from birth. His name is Laith Ashley De La Cruz. Before he went for surgery, and after the surgery, the photos are just unbelievable

I have seen pictures of quite a few transexuals, but I am totally blown away by the pictures of Laith Ashley De La Cruz. No way would I have guessed in a million years that he was born a woman! This man looks more manly than men who are born as men. Incredible! He has actually had an operation/surgery to change his private parts, but still has his uterus.I don't understand how that works. But Laith Ashley's pictures are something else. Would have guessed if you met him in a bar or if he sends you this pictures that he used to be a woman? Look at that body on him!

Laith Ashley De La Cruz photosLaith Ashley De La Cruz picture

Laith Ashley De La Cruz man born a womanLaith Ashley De La Cruz image

Laith Ashley De La Cruz

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