Bitcoin Trading Secret Revealed

How Bitcoin made me rich and a millionaire today - No Forex Platform involved - Just My Bitcoin Story

2017 - just last year - is a year I will never forget. A single decision (mistake) I made changed my life and now I am a millionaire from Bitcoin. I am not here to market any FOREX or Bitcoin trading platform, or to advertise a product or service. I am just here to teach you how you can make a lot of money from Bitcoin, just as I have made mine, and finally be able to boast of financial independence.

Bitcoin Trading Made Me rich because I discovered a secret many thought to be worthless and used it to make a fortune

Without much ado, let me answer any questions you may have in your mind. Why am I helping you for free? I simply like to help, and if you have been helped by this article, remember to share this article with your friends so that they can get the knowledge you are about to gain. Unless you are a type who keep knowledge locked up and don't like to help people.

What is Bitcoin? Sorry I should have started from that. I assumed you already know what Bitcoin is before you jumped to this page. Find out information about Bitcoin and its trading in a brief below. Bitcoin is simply a digital cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. As it stands today, available Bitcoin will never cross 21m.

Why should I buy or own a Bitcoin? As it stands today, available Bitcoin will never cross 21m. That's why people are rushing to buy Bitcoin. And that's why you need to buy your own Bitcoin. Economically, the scarcity Bitcoin will create when it hits the 21m limit will inflate the price. Bitcoin available today is at around 17m. Bitcoin Market Capitalization is at $117 billion - that's a lot of money. To buy a bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet and a platform to make your Bitcoin purchase from. Go here to buy Bitcoin

How can I make money from Bitcoin? Last year, 2017, a Bitcoin was at around $700. This means that it will cost me around $700 to buy a single Bitcoin. There are many Bitcoin platforms that allow you buy a Bitcoin. So I bought a Bitcoin from one of the platforms, not because I wanted to buy Bitcoin, but because I needed to send tuition fee to a brother schooling abroad. Bank charges were so high. Then I lost a piece of paper where I wrote my password after I have purchased around 21BTC - around $15,000 meant for my brother. I was mad at myself and cried. I was offered a loan by an uncle who gave me $15,000 to send to my brother. January 2018, as I was packing for a New Year festival, I stumbled upon my password written on a piece of paper. Bitcoin was now worth about $19,000 a piece. I own $399,000 from a $15,000 investment in just a space of few months.

What is the secret then? Patience! There is a reason for every disappointment because it always ends as a blessing to those that believe. Bitcoin in my local currency made me a multi-millionaire. That's my Bitcoin story. Whatever disappointment you may be passing through today, work hard, do not give up, and blessings shall be met in the end, because you believe. Touch someone else's life by sharing and you could re-kindle hope in a spirit already shattered by disappointments. Use the sharing button below to share or send this article to someone right now!!!