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POEM: I MISS By Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi

Updated Wednesday 19 July 2017 18:0
POEM: I MISS By Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
(To My Duo Mistress)

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I miss the days of cat and dog
The rainy and the sunny,
That which is embedded by love
And with innocence and tenderness we collide.

I miss the adolescent days of skirts and trousers
That day I pressed your balls unwillingly,
And I watched you moan diligently
It was my first time at the paradise of earth
I felt it warm and soft texture,
Instantaneously I got erected.

Hope Maami won't know that I touched?
Have I done any wrong?
How am I to know?
I was just an innocent school boy.

What of Baami?
He will get me slaughter if he get to know
But I never regret or feel disgusted,
For that which I touched gave me life
And made me the man I am today.

And to you, I miss also
Those days we sat together in your class
As what is more than friends
Days of countless peck
And thousands kisses.

Those things we had,
To you might seems a child play
But to me it gave me life
And made me the man I am today.

© Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
All Right Reserved 2017

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