Use recovered loots on evidenced-based projects: Religious leaders warn Osibanjo

Updated Wednesday 2 August 2017 11:57
Use recovered loots on evidenced-based projects: Religious leaders warn Osibanjo
According to the religious leaders, there is a need for the Federal Government to let Nigerians know the cost value of money being stolen from public coffers.

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Speaking at the parley, the Bishop of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Bishop Sunday Onuah, said: “Many Nigerians still appear disillusion about the anti-corruption war. And we need to act fast to let them know what have done so far. If we do not act fast, we may have serious problem in our hand. For instance, it beats my imagination when people say: ‘we want our corruption back’. It simply means they are detached about what was going on.

“But if government can start implementing evidence-based projects from recovered loots while inscribing boldly on the projects that they were funded from recovered loots, many can start putting face-value to them menace of corruption.”

Similarly, the Chief Imam, the Islamic Platform of Nigeria, Imam Shefiu Majemu said such projects when implemented can easily connect with the psyches of those who are still at loss as to the evil corruption wrecks in our society.

He added: “When this is done, it means that when next the anti-corruption agency announces that N50 million has been stolen in a government agency for instance, ordinary Nigerians can easily relate that such amount can build 10 healthcare centres.”


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