Mr Eazi claims he brought Ghana music flavour to Nigeria, Patoranking claims he's wrong

Updated Monday 18 September 2017 10:34
Mr Eazi claims he brought Ghana music flavour to Nigeria, Patoranking claims he's wrong
The singer who grew up in Ghana claimed that he was responsible for introducing most of the slangs from his former country of residence to his home nation. He stated this in an interview.

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“The interview that caused this uproar was just me speaking my mind and saying things the way I see it from my perspective. It wasn’t meant to be an insult to any Nigerian artiste.

"You cannot deny that I brought a new vibe to the industry and I believe everybody can see that. Now, there are lots of Nigerian artistes who use Ghanaian words and melodies in their songs, but they’ve never been to Ghana. .

"So how did they get to know about those words? There are a lot more songs out now that have that Ghanaian influence, and with all due respect, I can boldly say that started after my songs started gaining popularity," he said.

Dancehall artiste, Patoranking however disagrees with him based on claims that the interaction between Nigerian and Ghana musicians have been going on for quite some time.

“We have been having this cultural exchange with Ghana way back since the time Tuface sang ‘My love’ which featured VIP from Ghana. Tic Tac and Tony Tetuila sang ‘Fefe ne efe.’

"The musical cultural exchange between Nigeria and Ghana has been going on even before I finished secondary school. It is false for Mr. Eazi to say he started that style of music because he did not help me sing my hit song, ‘My Woman.’

"I did it myself and the song is a global hit song. It is the biggest afrobeat song in the Caribbean. I do not agree with his statement. It is wrong," Patoranking said.

Patoranking and Sarkodie have worked together on tracks such as 'No kissing' and more recently 'Kankpe'.

The latter is in fact one of the Nigerian music stars promoting more connection with Ghanaian  artistes. A couple of hit tracks with rapper, Sarkodie has seen him easily gain relevance at home and abroad.

His objection to Eazi's comments follows a list of responses from fans on social media and some news organzations.

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