Earthquake hits Mexico, 200 recorded dead

Updated Wednesday 20 September 2017 9:25
Earthquake hits Mexico, 200 recorded dead
At least 216 people were killed after an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck Mexico on Tuesday. The quake came hours after the country participated in emergency drills to mark the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 tremblor that killed thousands. Several buildings collapsed, electricity supply was cut off and mobile networks were interrupted, sending waves of panic through the streets of the country’s capital. The Mexican government has declared a state of disaster in Mexico City, reported news agency AP.

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Many civilians assisted authorities in rescue operations, amid fears that the death toll will climb higher. Many people are feared trapped under the debris. The international airport in Mexico City has suspended operations.

1:15 pm: In case you are just joining us, an elementary school in Mexico collapsed during the earthquake, killing 21 children. Over dozens of young children are feared buried under the rubble of Enrique Rebsamen elementary school. Parents and rescue workers are working their way through the debris to pull out the children. Click here to read more.

1:00 pm: Luis Felipe Puente, the head of the nation’s civil protection agency, says the death toll has reached 217

12.14 pm: President Ram Nath Kovind has tweeted, “Shocked to learn about earthquake in Mexico. Our sympathies with Mexican govt & people, especially with bereaved families.”

12.11 pm: Luis Felipe Puente has lowered the death toll to 216 from 248.

12.05 pm: “This is ugly, very ugly,” 30-year-old Carlos Mendoza says. She witnessed an apartment building collapse in Mexico City, and is helping rescue people from the rubble. Meanwhile, banker Gonz

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