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Glory of Durga puja in India | trending puja 2017 | by unique videos

Updated Wednesday 25 October 2017 13:55
Durga puja that is regarded one of the prominent festivals of India, is typically a festival of eastern India celebrated with much pomp and glory. Durga puja instantly evokes the name Bengal as during these 4-5 days whole of Bengal dresses in a stunning look. The Durga puja is the biggest social event of Bengal when people living outside of Bengal, both in India and abroad come to their home state to witness the magical glory. It has also a major cultural significance when people who have never tried traditional dresses also flaunt themselves in traditional attire. Not only that, the festival is equally celebrated by non-Hindus irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Perhaps very few festivals in India escape from religious doctrine.

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A pleasant weather, beautiful fragrance of shiuli(a sessional flower), the lush green fields, the chanting mantras and joyful surge of people, the ambiance is simply perfect for any festival. Durga puja preparation is done way in advance as the pandals and idols are made in different size and shape before one month in advance. Clay idols of goddess Durga is famous worldwide for their traditional and living look, equally impressive are the huge and beautiful pandals.

Indian cultural ramification is complex when people observe numerous rituals that has strong religious significance. Durga puja is also not an exception. During Durga puja several devotee observe fast to honor the goddess and her victory over evil. Another important aspect of Durga puja is the tradition of wearing new clothes. It is evident during the puja days when people especially children swanks their creaseless dresses, the festival also brings luck to shops as people throng to different shops for their shopping. It is an old tradition to buy new clothes during the festive session.
Durga is widely worshiped goddess of Shakti(power). Durga puja is not only worship of god in one form but also her other forms like Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. Durga puja is followed by Lakshmi and Kali puja when other forms of goddess Shakti is workshipped. The idol of Durga signify the victory of good over evil. It is the protection of good and show the presence of divine energy. Connotation of goddess Durga also varies from place to place. goddess Durga is worshiped for nine days in Bengal whereas in south India other images of gods, animals, birds and other beings, animate and inanimate also share the common altar with goddess Durga. The day sets the beginning of any type of learning.

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