David Beckham after he's criticized for kissing daughter on the lips

Updated Tuesday 27 November 2018 17:26
David Beckham after he's criticized for kissing daughter on the lips
Kissing on the lips is something both Beckham parents do, and many find totally normal. But some do not.

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But for some on the internet, how that love expresses itself is meant to be strictly regulated and criticized when necessary.

Welcome to the world of David and Victoria Beckham, who continue to kiss their children on the lips, despite having been told repeatedly by very vocal internet factions that this is simply not done.

On Monday, David, 43, posted a photo of himself with Harper, 7, just before taking to the ice rink. In it, he's sharing a small kiss with his daughter:

Which, according to naysayers, is wrong. Among the comments:

"This is not appropriate."

"She's your daughter ... why are you kissing on her lips..?"

"I feel like a kiss on the cheek is better than that n the lips. The lips is just weird."

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